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August 22, 2017




“You don’t need to know exactly who you are, because figuring it out could be the best part.”


It’s that time again, I’m back and ready for a long one this time. I’ll include a little story from my experience, and the best advice possible I can give.


Figuring out who you are, your purpose and life paths are hard. Let’s face it, life is hard for us all! Every aspect of our lives always get a little bit complicated, and it’s hard enough trying to work out what to pick at Starbucks (bad example) let alone what your sole purpose on this earth is.


So, considering for now I think I’m almost there (with my naivety of 20 years of course) – I’m going to let you in on what I know (so far). I’ll take you back to my pivotal moment, and where my belief in “everything happens for a reason” comes to play.


Many of you may or may not know that I’m originally from Devon, the West Country county that doesn’t exist in any other Englishman’s mind other than being countryside and farms. (Yes although the countryside shares a large percentage of its geographical coverage – I promise we do have a Zara). I couldn’t fault my childhood or upbringing as it’s shaped the woman I’m now becoming. However, when reaching my teenage years and maturing a lot quicker than those around me – I felt like a very, very big fish in a very, very small pond.


Unlike most my peers, I always had an idea of what kind of person I wanted to be, and what career I had wanted. For a lot of my life I wanted to teach, and that’s how I progressed through school and sixth form with those intentions. Not until it came to choosing my degree two years ago, had I thought of any other options. My character holds some stubborn traits, and this can be my making or downfall. Therefore, when my minds been made up – I apply everything 100% into that decision. However, if I feel anything less than 100%; consideration of other options needs to be deciphered. And most likely I’ll ditch that original decision. Quite literally all or nothing.


So this takes me to a week before I was due to move to my first choice university, just outside of South London – where I had chosen “Fashion Promotion and Imaging” BA Honours degree, slightly different to the Photography degrees I had been looking at elsewhere. I received a letter welcoming us onto the course, and advising us as to what to bring with us. So there was listed an Inventory of art supplies. This may not seem scary to anyone else reading this – but those art supplies listed were the reason I now am waiting on starting my third year of a business degree. Maybe this makes no sense, but for so long I had known what I wanted with my life and career – that always revolved around art and photography, as it has always been my “thing”. Therefore, teaching my favourite subject always seemed favourable and as I admired my art teachers at school so much. But all of a sudden I wasn’t 100% on the idea of turning the thing I loved into my future income, I didn’t want to have to resent my hobbies. My A-levels were a huge test of character, and the grudge I had towards the subjects felt un-natural to then face myself to another 3 years of. Needless to say, the inventory list freaked me out, and I quickly and impulsively switched to the Management and Marketing degree at the same university. Combining my love for academics, writing, business and creativity seemed right.


See, I believe in this thing called your gut. AKA your intuition and inner consciousness. I know that something felt wrong in my decision, and listening to what my gut said – lead me to the correct path and all the doors started knocking. You have to listen to that voice, trust that if something doesn’t feel right; it probably isn’t.


Now my example may not be the largest in comparison to what many of you might have to deal with, but the example to follow is irrationality (in moderation). Be YOU, make the decision selfishly and disregarding anyone telling you different. Most the time, we write plans, or have those plans made for us and it’s okay for them suddenly not to go to plan. Our paths in this world can be changed, re-directed and different to how we imagined, but always know they’ll take you to the right place if you put your mind there.


So here’s my little bit of advice.


Working out who you are and what you want:


If you don’t know already, my advice is write down all the things you love doing. What jobs could you do that involve those things? Or how could those things make you money?


If you want something already – surround yourself with it. If it’s a job, read and gain relevant knowledge, visit the area and imagine yourself there. If it’s an acceptance to college or university, there’s no regret in doing everything you can do – but there is regret in the things you don’t. If it’s accepting your own individuality; every morning count your blessings – the reasons why you’re grateful for another day to be YOURSELF. Even give yourself a new compliment every day if you can.


Know that no matter what the situation, life is a journey to shape us and define us. It’s okay for things to change along the way and for who we are to change as long as they are honest and true to who you really are.


Honesty over perfection. Because what really is perfect?


As always, my messages are always open for ANY of you. If I can help, I will!


Also, my perception of this world has changed since understanding the Law of Attraction and highly recommend it for all of you to read, it’s changed my perception of a lot of things, and made working out “who I am” a lot easier.


Till the next novel…














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