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July 30, 2017



Don’t worry – it’s only two. (Mum, Dad I promise I can explain…)


To many; a big deal, to some; minor. However, I believe no cosmetic surgery – small or large should ever be a decision you take lightly. It takes research, time, opinions and your own brave gumption to actually go through with it.


I have, and have had my fair share of insecurities, and things that I would change about myself. Knowing why I want to change these things, swings between because doing so would either increase my happiness - or just because I feel some societal pressure to do so. Defining this, is key to the deciding point of going through with anything cosmetic. I suggest if you’re reading this because you may be considering any cosmetic procedure – you ask yourself that question: am I doing this for myself or for others.


SO, as much as I can waffle on for centuries, I’ll get straight to the point and to why most of you are here; to hear about my cosmetic procedure experience.


In October 2016 I had a ‘lip augmentation’ which is as many of you know it: lip filler. I chose the company I visited from a friend’s recommendation (whom had seen them a couple times, and had nothing but good words to say). They are a big national cosmetic company, so I knew I had the security of reputation to uphold my confidence I’d chosen the right people. The procedure was quick, and a little painful (like a consistent pinch and drag)– but nothing like I’d imagined. I paid a considerable amount, and had 1ml put into my lips (well actually around 0.7 into my top lip and the rest into the centre of my bottom).


Here's my initial before and after photos...












Now the reasoning for me getting this done initially, was to see if my desire for more even lips was going to solve my hatred for my side profile. Like I’ve said – I had a lot more of the filler into my top lip, as I’ve always had a bottom lip and because of the in-balance I looked very naturally pouty and quite frankly miserable. So I was chuffed when the first time I had the procedure done it was instantly solved.


I’d never seen a problem with my lips until I started to notice the breakdown of the filler (which happens increasingly over time as the filler is only expected to last up to 6 – 8 months before you’d need more). As it was breaking down I realised I had a particular lack of filler on the left side of my top lip – leaving me with a gap when I would close my mouth. You could also feel the gap when running your finger across the inside of my lip. (Note: the filler doesn’t feel rock hard or weird, or different to natural lips for those freaking out, but when there’s a difference in consistency – you notice it). It didn’t bother me hugely, and I had wanted to get my lips done again so I felt no rush to get it sorted – only in photos would I see it.


I get outreached and emails all the time from cosmetic companies offering complimentary treatments, and if I were to take full advantage – I probably would be unrecognisable by now. But that’s my main point of this post – (and my opinion), that cosmetic surgery should not change how YOU look, but enhance what you were given. Any changes should remain natural and un-noticeable (In regards to smaller procedures). Many of you won’t have known I had my lips done almost a year ago – and that’s not only down to the fact I didn’t tell you, but because it was natural and done in moderation.


So, when deciding to have my lips re-done I took some time to weigh up my options with who to see and whether I wanted to publicly promote or to share it with you all, but I feel it my obligation as an “influencer” – to help and advice however I can through my own experience.


After back and forth emails I decided on Viva Skin Clinics – and in particular, their director Dr Rupert. From one glance at their before and afters, you can see the utmost professionalism and NATURAL results! Hallelujah! (See their Instagram HERE).


I visited Dr Rupert at their Shoreditch/Islington clinic, a 2minute walk away from Old Street Underground Station. Explained my situation, and my concern with the gap – and with no hesitation Dr Rupert had told me that as much as he could go straight in and top up both lips, he didn’t want to do that. But instead wanted to fix the gap and have me come back. I’d never considered the gap a problem that it needed hugely fixing, but I trusted his judgement and experience – and definitely respected him for it. I believe most Doctors would have just jumped straight in and done the whole thing for ease. After the filling of the gap, it was amazing how much of a difference it did make.


Here's the gap fix...







So a week later, I re-visted Dr Rupert and had 0.7ml put into both lips. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome, it was not a dramatic difference – but a subtle change that I notice and has made me a lot happier with my lips’ appearance. I couldn’t fault Viva Skin Clinics for their professionalism, and Dr Rupert for his attitude and expertise.


And the FINAL result!























Please, do your research before ANYTHING. Listen to opinions of others, but don’t let them also determine YOUR decision for YOUR body. If you have the opportunity to increase your happiness by changing something that you have the power to do so – I say do it.


Till the next 4724834792841 word essay…


















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