Hey, I'm Rachel and this is my little website for expressing my work, thoughts and opinions.

Being a super creative person; having that place to share and showcase all my work in one place is really important to me. Having that outlet, and a place to feel security.

I've always been handy with a camera since my first point and shoot, film camera when I was 5, maybe 6 years old. I still have those first developed photos to this day, where I'd have line up my toys into positions and poses for the camera.

Since then, throughout school and sixth form all my qualifications were solely based around the arts, photography especially, and once I learnt the concept of a self timer - it sparked it all.

"missrachelalice" started in 2015 after a rebrand of my original, personal instagram, when I had moved 200 miles from my hometown in Devon, to a borough just outside of London for university. In early 2016 I gained my first collaboration with a now well known dress company - Oh Polly. The "snowball effect" really kickstarted my influencing career, and I couldn't be more grateful.

I graduated from UCA Epsom in June 2018, after almost 3 years of uni, and 2 years of working with fashion brands, creating my own content and declaring myself self employed.

In present day (March 2020), being a social influencer is still my predominant "job". I have had incredible experiences, met amazing people and have the best online support. Since 2019, I have also been working freelance supporting brands with Digital Marketing, in particular: Social media strategising, blogger outreach and graphics creation.

I have really created a job and life that once upon a time, that little girl with her first camera would have never known that this could exist. But I'm here, and living it, taking any opportunity I can and bringing positivity and creativity wherever I can.

I hope you enjoy my content, on all platforms, and thank you for visiting my website.

Love, Rachel


For collaboration and buisness enquiries ONLY, please email contactmissrachelalice@gmail.com

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